Contested vs Uncontested Divorce

painting of people sitting at the table during mediation

A contested divorce is when the parties cannot reach an agreement before going to court, usually about the division of assets or the custody of the children. An uncontested divorce is when the parties reach an agreement themselves and the courts approve that agreement. However, due to some changes by the courts, there is very little difference between a contested and uncontested divorce.

In an effort to save the parties time and money, the courts encourage both sides to settle their differences in mediation, regardless of the manner in which the parties are divorcing. Everyone must attend mediation – but this is actually a positive development in family law. Using mediation to work out the details of the divorce gives the parties significantly more control over the outcome. The divorce fits around your circumstances, your circumstances don’t have to fit around the divorce. 

To help facilitate the courts’ focus on mediation, Petraborg Attorneys have developed a program called the ‘Fair Family Divorce’. We can arrange and complete your mediation, have all your papers filed and have your divorce finalized in as little as ninety days. All you will need to do is wait for the court to issue the Final Decree of Divorce. Instead of a contentious court battle, our clients reach a mutual agreement that is workable for everyone. This solution is not only quick and efficient, it is inexpensive. For a flat fee of four thousand dollars that covers all the costs of the divorce including the filing fees, Petraborg Attorneys can have you divorced in as little as ninety days. We have generous payment plans and we do not require a retainer – we don’t get paid until we do the work. The only separate fee is for the mediator, but you are free to use the mediator of your choice. Fair Family Divorce makes a difficult process a little easier and a lot cheaper.

The only bad news…you have to wait thirty days before you can get married again!

Contact Petraborg Attorneys regarding all matters related to family law, our Fair Family Divorce program and other legal matters at 832-698-1306, located in Spring, Texas.

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